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BBB Services

BBB Services offer the possibility for supporters to "crowdfund" a real world business. As a supporter, you can send in the USDT you wish to apply to the specific service and will receive your 6% every "payday". There is also the chance that you may receive your ROI (Return Of Investment) as well as your percentage on any "Payday". The minimum BBB will pay out is 18%, meaning that if you get paid off in the first month, you will receive 118% on your first "Payday". 

Why BBB Services

Fast ROI

As a supporter, you will receive the % every month while also having the chance to ROI quickly when compared to the NFTs.

Better Equipment

The USDT received will be used to purchase machinery and equipment that will give the service an edge over the competition.

Stronger BBB

BBB will maintain 15% of every service after supporters have been paid off. This provides an income stream for BBB. 

How To Get Involved

Simply copy the wallet address at the top of the BBB services page and send in the USDT you would like to add to the pool. Please send in USDT on the Binance Smart Chain only. Once you have sent the USDT, the website will be updated to display the amount you sent as well as the amount you will receive every "payday". The Transaction hash will be updated every time you have received a payment.

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