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Real World
Assets Paying NFT

Try it yourself. Open the DApp.

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Our 4 different NFTs

The App

A Simple DApp
That Works, Always!

Our biggest goals are simplicity and realiabity 

Using our DApp is meant to be stress free and super simple. You open it once a month, collect your returns and come back the following month. We want you to feel confident that you will come back each month to the same amount that you received the month prior. Super.. Simple.. Investing.. The way it should be.

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Why Buy an NFT..


Helping you achieve your financial goals.

How many people dream of building their own home from the ground up and selling it for 100 - 200% profit? Now of those people, how many can actually afford to do it, or have the knowledge to complete it. Brick by Brick Crypto wants to bring that idea and possibility to those people who cannot do it on their own. What makes us different, is the fact that we want to merge real world utility and cryptocurrency together. Real home sales and rentals bringing back USDT returns to pay the NFT holders. No volatility, no algorithms, just real sustainable profits.

How the App Works


Ease of use. 

Everything you need in one place. Buy, stake, claim in a simple to understand format. 


The DApp follows you

The DApp can be used from your phone, Ipad or computer with the same ease of use, allowing you to access it from wherever you are.

About Us


What makes us different to other crypto ROI protocols. 

First of its kind

We are the first to mix real world assets with cryptocurrency. Our goal is to revolutionize the way NFTs are currently used today. Owning an NFT brings back USDT returns to their holders.

Real Profits

Real profits from sales and rentals of properties goes to pay NFT holders. No algorithms, no volatility, simple USDT payments. 


Our goal is to prove that a well thought out project that mixes real world assets with cryptocurrencies can be more sustainable than the ROI DApps and bots we currently see today.


Our roadmap clearly shows all of the next steps that we plan on taking.


“I am located in the U.K and have been a member of BBB since March 2023. I was genuinely excited to see a project that provides real utility for crypto technologies by combining it with physical assets and services. I love how I have been able to collaborate with others across the world to help build a project which has provided a consistent low risk yield on my contributions to date. My initial experience of crypto technologies hadn't been very good but I am pleased to say that BBB has changed all that. I would and have had no hesitation in highly recommending this project to my friends”

Grumpy Plays Crypto, UK

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